Vol 1 (2016)

Letter from the Editors

Welcome to the 2016 Issue
 Marco Espinoza, Poh Tan, and Dominic Trevisan 


Self-Regulated Learning
Philip Winne

Synergistic, ecological education development: The Vietnam Consortium Fellowship Program
Allan MacKinnon

Profiles in Leadership: Indigenizing the Academy
William Lindsay

Deep Engagement in Online Learning: Is it Possible?
Carolyn Mamchur, Marco Espinoza

Science Education: Defining the Scientifically Literate Person
Poh Tan

Teachers’ Involvement in Curriculum Design in Higher Education
Adesikeola Olateru-Olagbegi

Curriculum hidden: Contemplating more-than-human ethics
Lee Beavington

Works of Art and Other Non-traditional Pieces

little wonderings
Poh Tan

Midsummer Memorial
David Chang